Succession Success Formula

Communication + Engagement + Professional Development =
Triple-Win Succession Success

I offer, coaching and facilitation, strategy sessions, and workshops to engage and support individuals and teams navigating a path toward a future transition.

It’s a formula for success, customized for you.

A compelling vision. I unite wealth management firm owners and NexGen professionals in a common cause: to do well financially — while doing great work together.

  • Make a difference
  • Enjoy the journey

Transparent communication. I help you cultivate a firm culture that will support your succession vision and help you execute it successfully.

  • Foster wholehearted engagement
  • Encourage professional development

The Succession Success Formula. I help your firm develop a culture of trust, communication, leadership, and teamwork. Everybody wins!

  • Firm founders and owners leave a lasting legacy
  • NexGen professionals become effective successors
  • Clients feel continuity throughout the transition

A win for owners. A win for successors. A win for clients.

I deliver smart, heartfelt encouragement and a healthy dose of strategy.

Get the customized support you deserve.

  • We’ll create a vision for a business transition that lights you up
  • We’ll foster a business culture that attracts and retains good people in a mutually rewarding relationship
  • We’ll make sure you have the impact you want — and that you’re in the right place
  • We’ll release you from the gnawing stress that triggers feelings of worry, frustration, and futility

Let’s work together:

Premium Coaching & Facilitation Programs

Crucial Conversations Accelerator

Program Summary:

Facilitated Conversations with Founder/Owners & Successor(s):

  • Crucial conversation 1—the foundation (2 hours):
      • Define WIN-WIN for founders/owners & successors
      • Assess the “reality gap” and learn Conversational Intelligence tools to eliminate frustrations from unmet expectations or assumptions.
      • Time commitment: 2 hours for conversation + advanced preparation
  • Crucial conversation 2:
      • Assess and create shared understanding of your business Purpose, Vision, Values through the lens of “Win-Win.”
      • Co-create plan for next-steps to ensure your intentions are aligned with the desired impact on stakeholders and firm culture.
      • Time commitment: 2 hours for conversation + advanced preparation
  • Crucial conversation 3:
      • Evaluate individual’s Strengths Finder summaries relative to their primary roles and opportunities for greatest impact. 
      • Co-create a professional development plan based on Strengths and experience
      • Time commitment: 2 hours for conversation + advanced preparation

Bonus: Energy Leadership Assessment and team debrief.  Learn more about Energy Leadership and the assessment here

Bonus: One-on-one 30-minute coaching call.  Confidential, private, crucial conversation for each participant.

Your investment for Crucial Conversations Accelerator Program:  $4,997

Includes workbook to support each crucial conversation.

Additional fees apply for four + participants.

Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Private 1:1 Coaching

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

     ✓ You’re waking up feeling way off course from what you had always envisioned for your career at this stage of life.

     ✓ “Should I stay, or should I go?” is a constant refrain in the back of your mind when you think about where you currently work.

     ✓ You made big leap to a new role or firm thinking you had found the perfect situation only to find yourself frustrated and wondering if you made a mistake.

No matter what stage you are at in your career, this personalized coaching program is designed to help you get off the mental hamster wheel,  get clear and get going  in the direction of your personal vision of success. 

Outcomes for this Program May Include:

  • Get clear on your current situation, uncovering your energy drains, core values and what matters most now.
  • Create a vision for your life and career aligned with your core values and that leaves you feeling energized and motivated so that you move forward with intention.
  • Learn to navigate your current situation with confidence and engage in crucial conversations with ease.

Program Summary:

  1. The Energy Leadership Assessment and 90-minute custom debrief,
  2. 90 minute Power Session to co-create our coaching plan
  3. Six 60-minute coaching sessions typically at two-week intervals over a three-month period.
  4. Worksheets/exercises, weekly email check in and SOS calls as needed.

Your investment for the Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Coaching Program: $2,800

Succession Planning Premium Program for Founders/Owners + Successors

This premium package is for Founders/Owners who recognize the importance of not waiting until “someday” to lay the necessary foundation to ensure the legacy and sustainability of the business—their life’s work.  Successful succession planning takes time.

It’s for Founder/Owners who are not willing to settle for “business as usual.” They are ready to commit to being the leader necessary to inspire their successors and clients with a compelling vision for the future.

It’s for Founder/Owners who care deeply about creating and living a legacy, mentoring the next generation on their team and with the families they serve.

I will be by your side fully committed to supporting you and your successor to have crucial conversations that create momentum to powerfully move you forward to building a sustainable business with lasting impact.

A win for you.  A win for your successor.  A win for your clients.

Program summary:

    • Crucial Conversations Activator (CCS) modules lay the foundation for our work.
    • Stakeholder analysis and interviews are conducted during the assessment phase.
    • Professional Development & Coaching plan is co-created with successors and supervisor.
    • Goal setting and performance review process will be review will be evaluated to ensure support development plans
    • Monthly facilitated conversations with participants following completion of CCS modules
    • Monthly 1:1 coaching aligned with the development plan…important scaffolding to support integration & execution.
    • ½ day on site (1 for 6 or 9-month; 2 for 12-month package)
    • SOS calls—emergency sessions when something comes up and your need support.  This is a special perk for my Premium clients!  No one else gets this.

Your investment for the Succession Planning Premium program:

Packages available include six-month, nine-month or twelve-months.  All packages are approximately $2,300 per month for two principals. 

This program may be customized—including support for additional participants—to ensure a great fit for you and your situation. 

Strategy Sessions:

1:1 Strategy Sessions:

Whether you’re a founder or NexGen professional, you may just need a little support. 

Wrestling with a specific situation, dilemma or interpersonal impasse? 

Need a sounding board? 

Wishing you had a confidential confidante? 

During our time together, you will have my laser focus, insight and commitment in support of you gaining clarity and peace of mind on your next best step.

Come prepared with up to three things you’d like to cover in our time together.  We’ll prioritize and get through as much as we can in our 60 minutes together.

    • 5 Pack (Best value) $1,900
    • 3 Pack (single session saving of $60) $1,140
    • Single Session  (60 minutes) $400

Energy Leadership Assessment

Energy Leadership™ is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you live and work, as well as your organization as a whole.

Are you the dynamic, motivational leader that’s needed in your business? Your life?

Taking the ELI Assessment is the 1st step in getting re-engaged in your life and work in a powerful way.

  1. Complete the online assessment.
  2. Receive a report that summarizes your current patterns of thinking, your feelings and your default response to stress.
  3. We will go through the report together in a private coaching session.

Are you ready to be the leader in your life and work?

Energy Leadership Assessment $497

  • 30-Minute On-line Energy Leadership Assessment
  • 90-Minute Private Coaching and Strategy Session

 Contact Laurie for team assessment and workshop opportunities.


Triple Win Workshop

Ready to get serious about succession planning in your organization? This program is designed to support your leadership team’s ability to lay the foundation for successful succession and/or leadership transition.

Is your Leadership Team apprehensive, awkward or off putting in communicating with peers and direct reports?
Does your leadership and team suffer from avoidance of conflict and crucial conversions?
Is employee engagement important to your success?

Laurie created the Succession Success Formula to support professional service business professionals to uplevel communication skills and employee engagement that supports attraction and retention of great team members. 

The Succession Success Formula

Communication + Engagement + Professional Development=
Win for the owners.  Win for successors.  Win for clients 

This workshop is delivered in three modules designed to teach new skills and support experimentation and integration of the content.

Program Summary

  • Module 1 Energy Leadership—understanding what’s really happening when thinking, intentions and actions are not producing the desired impact and results
      • Connecting intentions with desired outcomes
      • Learn your “default response” to stress triggers and how to break the pattern
  • Module 2 Conversational Intelligence—cultivating “know, like & trust,” critical to creating engagement with stakeholders—team and clients.
      • Learn and implement skills to increase your credibility, rapport & ultimately cultivate a culture of success.
      • Learn what constitutes an agreement & how to ensure shared understanding.
  • Module 3 Triple Win Culture—bring it all together
      • Be the Leader—inspired and inspiring
      • Reimagine your purpose, vision and values to inspire engagement and cultivate a shared vision of success

The details:

   ✓Three modules each with 90-minutes of training, interaction and an action plan for experimentation and integration.

   ✓ One- hour Group Coaching and Q&A call to integrate learning following completion of the modules

   ✓ Your investment :  $4,997

Rates are based on up to 10 participants per training.  $95 for each additional person per training class.

Optional private coaching and implementation sessions are available to support participants in integrating and implementing the learning.

Client will provide for Parking and, if outside of the 30-mile radius for Laurie, all other Travel Expenses.

Craft the living legacy and succession plan that’s right for you.

Are you prepared for your leadership succession?

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