“Find the thing that stirs your heart and make room for it.Life is about the development of self to the point of unbridled joy.”

Joan Chittister

Are you a high achieving professional who’s READY to create a path to your next chapter ?

I partner with professionals and business owners who feel burned out and exhausted to explore their options and create a smart plan for an exit strategy or find fresh perspective and freedom to enjoy business and life without regret.

Do you feel the weight on your shoulders of:

  • Needing to insure the future financial security of yourself and your family?
  • Feeling trapped in a business or career where you no longer have a sense of engagement?
  • Working too much,  too hard, for too long?
  • Are you ready to hit the REFRESH button ?


  • Having a clear vision of your future business and life.
  • Enjoying the security and freedom of knowing you have asolid plan in place.
  • Having the time and freedom to rediscover what really matters to you

You can shape your reality, one step at a time. Nothing is more powerful than a Vision in Action.

Employing the Core Energy Coaching Process allows me to help my clients understand their energy around money, decision making, personal and professional relationships, and importantly, what they value most in life.

Working together, we will explore what your vision for your life and career could look and feel like and create a smart strategy to transition you into your life’s Next Chapter  with  courage and confidence.

Areas of Specialization

Pathway to Freedom

Starting with the Energy Leadership Assessment and Life Audit, we’ll explore where you’re at today and your vision for your ideal life, your ideal career. What’s holding you back? Let’s push through whats keeping you chained to the status quo to feeling the courage necessary to take action with confidence, whether you want to refresh and recommit to your current path or go for reinvention!

Minding Your Money

Money, Money, Money! What’s energy around money? What role does it play in your life, in holding you back from achieving your vision for your ideal life? If money is a recurring theme in your life-not enough, never enough, too complicated, even scary- let’s explore and take steps to create a new mindset and a strategy for you to gain confidence in your financial life and feelings of abundance and freedom.

Not Sure If Coaching Is Right For You?

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