How does your energy impact your leadership?

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Today’s leader must be participatory and flexible yet also powerful enough to inspire others.

Today’s leaders must not only have a knowledge and experience, they must be flexible and open to change.

Energy Leadership™ is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you live and work, as well as your organization as a whole.

Are you the dynamic, motivational leader that’s needed in your business? Your life?

Reviewed in Forbes Magazine’s “11 Assessments Every Executive Should Take” article – May 1, 2018.

Metrics Meet Mindset

The ELI assessment gauges how a person approaches and reacts to different circumstances and experiences by producing a numerical value to the different kinds of energy we all have—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  This numerical value is a measure of your energy under normal and stressful conditions.

As an individual you see the world through the filters that have manifested from your experiences, value system and assumptions.  The result? These filters, aka perspectives, can either limit what you see (think tunnel vision) or expand it like a prism.  It’s likely you’ve unconsciously developed these filters over the course of your life.  Ultimately, they affect how you show in the situations, conversations and relationships that matter and may hold you back from realizing your full potential as a leader… in your life. 

Why Energy in Leadership matters

  • Our thoughts, which come from our belief system (those filters through which we view ourselves and others) create and trigger our energy “levels”.
  • Our energy levels create our reality.
  • With repetition, patterns develop becoming our default response
  • For most of us, that means limiting our potential and results. 

WHAT IF you could apply metrics to those filters and assess how they are influencing the results you are achieving? 

Taking the Energy Leadership Assessment accomplishes just that.

ELI Assessment

Taking the ELI Assessment is the 1st step in getting re-engaged in your life and work in a powerful way.

  1. Complete the online assessment.
  2. Receive a report that summarizes your current patterns of thinking, your feelings and your default response to stress.
  3. We will go through the report together in a private coaching session.

Are YOU ready to explore how the Energy Leadership Index Assessment can EMPOWER YOU and your leadership style?
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Program Includes:

– 30-Minute On-line Energy Leadership Assessment *
-90-Minute Private Coaching Session

 Individual Investment: $397

 Contact Laurie for team assessment and workshop opportunities.

By taking the ELI Assessment you will:

  • Discover what may be draining you mentally, emotionally, physically.
  • Uncover what you can do right NOW to reduce overwhelm, stress and frustration.
  • Learn how your clients, colleagues and loved ones really perceive you.
  • Get clear on where you are “settling” so that you get more of what you DO want.

Hear it from your peers

  • “Working with Laurie has helped me focus my energy in good and positive ways.  Having her expertise has pinpointed areas that need growth and development and those areas in my life that are going well. I feel as though I have good direction and more insight into my energy levels—a revelation really.”

    Lori Culp Owner, Lor’s Tours
  • “We are grateful for the part you played in helping us to realize this possibility for our lives.  Someone told me to be careful about being coached because it can change your life – in a good way, of course!”

    Linda O. Wealth Management Professional/Leadership Coach 
  • “Laurie is a tremendous coach. She performed an insightful team assessment and thoughtful debrief.  What I appreciate most about Laurie is her perspective and approach- she is direct and tactful in pointing out areas that need to be considered a different way.  She has made a remarkable difference and her help is truly appreciated.”

    Robyn Brown Chief Development Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound
  • “Laurie is truly a visionary coach. Her depth of knowledge, experience, clarity and warmth provide a welcoming and safe space to explore and shine light upon opportunities for living your fullest life. I have highly recommended her to family and friends.”

    Valerie Piacenti Pacific Sound and Voice

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